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Renter’s/Apartment Insurance

Renting an apartment or house still comes with financial responsibilities.  You don't own the property but you bring everything you own into the property.  The landlord or owner of the property has insurance covering the structure, however it does NOT cover your personal belongings.  It also doesn't protect you against any lawsuits because of accidents or injuries.  Renter's/Apartment Insurance does that!


If the unthinkable happens and someone breaks into your apartment stealing your possessions, renter's insurance will cover the costs to have them replaced.  The same is true if your property is damaged by fire, smoke, or vandalism to name a few.  You don't have to worry about the damage done to the building itself, however your personal property is important to you - and can be expensive!  If something happened out of your control, you wouldn't want to be financially burdened with replacing each and every thing out of your pocket.  Securing your piece of mind, knowing your possessions are covered with renter's insurance will help!


A renter's/apartment insurance policy also includes personal liability insurance and medical payment coverage in the event a guest has an accident and injures themselves inside your unit.  For example, if they fall and hit their head on your coffee table the medical payments are there for any hospital or doctor visits and the liability coverage is there if they decide to bring a lawsuit against you.


Furthermore, renter's insurance policies can have endorsements added for additional coverage for items such as (but not limited to) jewelry, art, furs, or firearms.  This endorsement is called Scheduled Personal Property.  If you become newly engaged, you can schedule the ring to ensure it's covered for its worth and if it accidently goes missing or loses a stone, you are protected.  Many companies only ask for a copy of the appraisal to endorse it on the policy.


This policy, protecting your items & liability, is generally inexpensive.  And can be tailored to your specific needs - depending on the value and amount of possessions you own.  You are able to request a $10,000 policy or a $100,000 policy - completely relevant to each customer.  Snyder Insurance Agency can help in determining what amount may suit you best.  Don't miss out on securing your belongings!



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