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Mixed Occupancy Building Insurance

Take a look around the Lehigh Valley; notice all the different buildings.  There's quite a diversity!  Some are a business, or an apartment complex but there are also buildings that have a business renting space and apartments above it.
Do you own a building that has multiple different tenants?


A mixed occupancy building is very prominent especially within shopping centers, quaint towns and even more urban areas.  Insurance to protect these types of property can get complex depending on the number of units and types of businesses but here at Snyder Insurance Agency, we review & consider all aspects of your property and then work with several different insurance companies to be certain you are getting the best coverage for the most competitive price.

Some examples where Mixed Occupancy Building Insurance is needed are, but not limited to:

    • Hair salon on ground level with 3 rented out apartment units above.
    • An office of any sort with additional apartments behind, below, next to, or above.
    • A small/medium sized office building with numerous tenants using for office space.
    • A deli, sandwich shop, or bakery with apartments above.
    • You own a 2 unit building; you operate a pizzeria from one unit and rent the other to an ice cream shop.


If you own a mixed occupancy building, call your trusted insurance agents at Snyder Insurance Agency.  We are able to explain what coverage you should retain as well as advise of coverage you should require your tenants to acquire, protecting you as the building owner. Although your tenants would be responsible to cover their contents and/or improvements made to their space, you want to be sure to adequately protect the structure. After all, the asset that brings the largest return is the building itself. There are multiple endorsements to choose from such as water/sewer back up, sinkhole coverage, and ordinance & law coverage to name a few. Depending on the nature of your building & different types of tenants, we can recommend additional coverages to protect against any financial burden.


In addition to assisting with new purchases or new policies, we also recommend to review your Mixed Occupancy Building Insurance coverage annually.  If you have not looked at your policies in quite some time, give us a call!  We may be able to offer you more valuable coverage at a more preferred rate.

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