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Multi-Unit Property Insurance

Have you invested in a multi-unit property in Pennsylvania?

Owning property certainly has it's list of responsibilities!  Ensuring everything is in working order, kept up to date, up to code as well as keeping the units occupied to maximize your investment can be a tiring job.  You also want to obtain property insurance to aide in any losses or damage so your out of pocket expense is at a minimum.

Snyder Insurance Agency has grown to specialize in this type of insurance for multi-unit rental properties - let us help you!

Multi-unit property insurance is needed for a 2-unit all the way up to 36+ unit building(s).  There are several coverages or endorsements to think about and consider.  SIA understands the coverage available and has great insurance companies that specialize in this type of risk.   We cannot stress enough how important it is to have adequate building limits when it comes to your rental properties.  If a large claim occurs, you need have enough building coverage to rebuild the existing structure.  The cost of construction has been increasing rapidly over the years, so it is imperative to review your replacement cost limits with a licensed agent.  Considering multi-unit properties can have many different factors that should be evaluated, and this is where Snyder Insurance Agency can help.  Not only will we acknowledge the entire property's rebuilding costs but we will quote your investment with multiple companies to see who can insure you adequately for the best premium.  After all, why pay for a policy that is not protecting you sufficiently?

Leave it to the knowledgeable and trustworthy insurance agents at Snyder Insurance Agency.  We will help you navigate the best way to protect your multi-unit income property!


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